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What makes financial marketing successful?

As a product or service provider, it’s part of your job to educate your client base about what makes your product or service different and how it can solve a problem or meet a need. Yet so many providers fail to clearly communicate in a manner that their clients clearly understand. The investment management and financial advisory industries are filled with complicated explanations of why investors should choose particular products and services over others—and often falls short on simple, concise communication.

Simple, clear communication is the differentiator in what makes financial marketing successful.

In helping our clients communicate the benefits of their products and services, we start by getting to the heart of each businesses’ who, what, where, when and why. We believe that you can’t communicate about your products and services distinctly until you’re square on your basic messages.

Your product or services needs to tell a story. That story puts your business into the context of why it’s important to your clients, be they investors, advisors, broker-dealers, or custodians.

How do you help them? What fears do you alleviate? What needs do you meet? What problems will you continue to solve? To earn your clients’ and prospects’ trust, your answers to these questions must be simple and straightforward. And your communication must be proactive in avoiding any negative perception.

Too often, we see marketing materials and campaigns that start before the beginning, failing to define simple core messages before embarking on digital marketing or other campaigns.

While getting your message out there through digital and other media is important, if that message is too complicated or indistinct, then it doesn’t matter what medium you’re using or how often you get it front of people. Digital and other media are only as effective as their underlying message. If you bungle that underlying message, then you’ll do more harm than good when putting it in front of your target audience.

Seems obvious perhaps? Why then is there so much complicated, investor-unfriendly written material out there?

We aim to help you make it simple. So let’s talk about your messaging before we recreate your brand, or your next (or first) marketing piece, or update your website, or send out your newsletter.

Because your words and your messages count.

“Truth is ever to be found in simplicity,
and not in the multiplicity and confusion of things.”

–Isaac Newton

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